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April 20th

Home Security for Seniors

Unfortunately, many criminals see elderly people as easy targets for theft. A criminal may target a senior because he or she appears physically or

cognitively vulnerable. Criminals may also assume that seniors are on their own and don't communicate regularly with friends or family.

Seniors should make home security a top priority, especially if they live alone. When seniors take security seriously, they can avoid break-ins and feel safer in their own homes.

If you are a senior, here are some security features for your home that you may want to consider.

Home Security Systems

One of the best security features for an elderly person's house is a home security system. Security systems come with a variety of features. Most security systems will notify law enforcement if a person gains unexpected entry into a senior's home. Some security systems can also contact medical personnel if a medical emergency occurs.

Some security systems feature silent alarms that seniors can place near their bed. If a criminal should gain entry, the senior can touch a button to sound the silent alarm. Silent alarms will notify law enforcement of a potential break-in without creating any loud sounds or noises that warn thieves. Many security systems also include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If you're considering a security system, compare different security features to find those that best fit your needs. Seniors who install a security system in their home should check that the device is working properly at least every six months.

Security Doors

If you're worried about criminals entering through the doors in your home, consider installing security doors. Many security doors provide maximum protection by locking at the bottom, top and centre of the door frame. Security doors are also made with strong materials like steel that make breaking down the door extremely difficult.

If you decide to install a security door, talk to a home security expert to determine what features you want. You may want to include a peephole or privacy film glass on your doors. These features will allow you to see who is at your home before you open the door.

Additionally, seniors should make sure to keep doors locked at all times. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighbourhood, you can never be too safe. Also, it may be wise to only trust your closest friends and family with spare keys.

Security Film and Window Screens

Many seniors live in bungalow-style homes that have easy-to-access windows. You can stop these windows from being a target for thieves by installing security film or strong window screens. Security film stops glass from shattering, and security screens stay firmly in a window frame so intruders cannot remove them to enter your home.

Motion Sensor Lights

Criminals will often lurk in dark places where they cannot be detected. Motion sensor lights resolve that problem. They make it easier to see if an intruder enters your property because they turn on whenever they sense movement. Have security lights installed near doorways and windows at your house, and they'll alert you if a criminal is lurking near entry points.

Security Gates and Fences

Security gates and fences are another great way for the elderly to control access to their property. Fences promote privacy and prevent unwanted guests from entering your property.

Most security gates allow access by one of the following methods: remote controls, magnetic strip cards, pin codes or access keys. Some gates also include intercom and video systems that let homeowners can see and speak with guests before granting them access to the property.

Add these home security features to your house to help protect you from potential break-ins. If you need help choosing security measures for your home, contact a security company.

In addition making these security upgrades, schedule regular visits or phone calls from friends and family members. These interactions will give your friends and family opportunites to check in on you and ensure that everything is going well.

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