Pool Regulation Doors

Pool regulation security doors manufactured and installed in Perth

When you need the best quality  security doors that comply with pool regulations in Perth , call the expert team at Bonds Security Products. We are Perth's most trusted supplier for security doors that will stand up to the harsh Australian environment. With over 60 years' experience in the security industry, you can trust Bonds Security Products to provide you with the right advice, quality products and the best price.

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Pool Regulation Doors

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Drowning is the most common cause of preventable death of children aged 0-5 years. Over the past five years, 16 toddlers have drowned in Western Australia. For every drowning death, it is estimated that 10 children are admitted to hospital following a near-drowning incident (160 children over the past five years).

In WA, domestic swimming pools are the most common site in which drowning for children aged 0-5 years occurs, with 94 per cent of drowning incidents at locations in and around the home. Of that 94 per cent, 31 per cent occurred at a relative or neighbour's home.

These tragic incidents can be significantly reduced if we are all aware of the potential hazards of water in our everyday life, use simple prevention methods and learn the life saving skill of resuscitation.

Pool Regulations for Security Doors

There are specific laws in WA that mandate the installation of a safety barrier to enclose private swimming and spa pools.

The laws are intended to protect the safety of young children by restricting their access to the area containing the swimming or spa pool.

In Western Australia, the design, construction and installation of private swimming and spa pools and their safety barriers is subject to strict building requirements under the Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations). Owners and occupiers also have ongoing legal obligations to maintain their safety barriers at all times.

Changes to Pool Regulations

On 1 May 2016 the Regulations relating to private swimming and spa pools changed. This edition of Rules for Pools and Spas replaces the previous 2012 edition and reflects the safety barrier requirements that apply to private swimming and spa pools in Western Australia.

All private swimming and spa pools that contain water that is more than 300 mm deep must have a compliant barrier installed that restricts access by young children to the pool and its immediate surrounds.

Security Doors Around Private Swimming and Spa Pools

Doors that form part of the pool barrier must have the following characteristics:

  • be fitted with a self-closing device that will automatically return the door to the closed position. It must allow the self-latching device to operate without the application of manual force from any position that the door is capable of opening, including when resting on the latch;
  • be fitted with a self-latching device that will prevent the door from being re-opened without the application of manual force on the latch release mechanism;
  • the operating part of the latch release mechanism must not be less than 1500 mm above the floor;

    Rules For Pools and Spas

    You can get more detailed information from the Government of Western Australia, Department of Commerce, Building Commission .

    Custom Made Pool Regulation Security Doors

    All of our pool regulation security doors are custom-made in our Malaga factory to the most exacting standards of quality and workmanship. They are designed to afford maximum intruder protection and safety for you and your family. Our manufacturing process not only ensures that your security doors are an easy fit, it also provides a wide range of styles and colour options to match your property's existing decor and architecture. Choose from 3 exclusive security door types;  Hinged Security Doors Sliding Security Doors  and  Stacking Security Doors .

    Pool Regulation Security Doors Perth Wide

    Bonds Security Products pioneered and tested the residential security products that we now supply across the whole of the Perth metropolitan area. These award-winning security products have gained Western Australian police recognition and they offer our customers the peace of mind that is provided by a range that exceeds Australian Standards.

    We take pride in our wide range of patented innovative products that provide end users with improved functionality and reliability. With a Bonds Security Products security door or screen, you can expect to be protected.

    Pool Regulation Security Doors Made in Perth

    Our local purpose built manufacturing facility in Malaga allows us to provide custom solutions with complete control over process and quality and an extensive range of options to meet the needs of the changing market. 

    All PROMESH and GRIDLOC pool regulation security doors are proudly designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia exclusively by Bonds Security Products.

    Call our pool security door experts today on 08 9249 3700 .

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