Frequently asked questions

Q. How soon can you come and quote?

A. Bonds Security Products can arrange for one of our licenced security consultants to contact you within 1 to 3 days after your initial contact.

Q. How long do I wait until my order is installed?

A. Demand for security screens is seasonal but you can typically expect your order to be installed within 1 to 3 weeks after you accept our quote.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, cheque or direct deposit. Payment is due upon installation. 1/3 deposit is required.

Q. Do your doors pass the Australian Standards?

A. Yes. PROMESH and GRIDLOC doors have been independently tested and passed all relevant Australian Standards by a NATA Accredited Laboratory. These standards ensure the security products you purchase are strong enough to withstand a reasonable amount of force. Your security consultant will have more information on these standards.

Q. Do you have a door that allows me to see outside but not see inside?

A. Yes, our GRIDLOC Security Door with One Way Vision Mesh is ideal if you want to add privacy to your security door. It replaces the standard flywire with a heavy-duty flywire that has been pressed out of a sheet of aluminium. This will give you increased privacy making it difficult for people to see in but easy to see out. It must be used on a GRIDLOC door as the grille is what provides the security.

Q. What colours are available for security screens?

A. We have seven Standard Powder Coated Colours and two Standard Anodised Colours in our Standard range. We can also manufacture in any other Special Powder Coated colour at an additional cost. The most common colours are listed here, however other colours are available. Please call to confirm we have your required colour.

Q. Can a pet door be added to a security door?

A. Yes, we have three sizes available.
Small Petway (190mm wide x 240mm high) Medium Petway (225mm wide x 305mm high)
Large Petway (260mm wide x 400mm high)

Q. Can an automatic door closer be added to a sliding security door?

A. Yes, we can make a sliding security door automatically close by fitting an Inventco sliding door closer. This is usually a requirement for pool regulations.

Q. When ordering multiple security doors, can they be keyed the same?

A. Yes. Multiple security doors ordered at the same time are automatically keyed the same.

Q. Can security doors be keyed alike to a key that I provide?

A. Yes. Simply provide the key at the time of the quote and the key will be returned to you upon installation.

Q. Do you have a Caretaker locking option on your security doors?

A. Yes, the optional Caretaker feature allows you to snib-lock the security door from the outside without needing to use the key. This is a good idea if there are family members still inside the house when you leave. In an emergency, they will not need to look for a key to open the security door from the inside. The Caretaker key can only lock the security door, it cannot unlock the door.

Q. Is there anything I need to do to keep my security door working at its optimum best?

A. Yes. In order for Bonds Security Products to provide you with a long-lasting locking system to your doors and windows, we recommend that locks should be lubricated as often as suggested in the Product Maintenance Guide supplied with your order. Locksmiths recommend using a product called INOX, which can be purchased from Bonds Security Products or any good hardware store. In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as areas close to the beach or industrial areas, lubrication should be carried out more frequently.

Q. What type of stainless steel mesh is used on a PROMESH security door?

A. PROMESH security doors use 0.9mm 304 grade high tensile stainless steel woven mesh. The mesh has been pre-treated to prevent corrosion, tested for strength and is coated using anti-fade high-quality black powder coat. An optional upgrade to 0.9mm 316-grade stainless steel woven mesh is also available.

Q. How do I stop my hinged security door from slamming closed?

A. At the top of the hinged door is a pump-like device called a pneumatic door closer. Located at the end of the closer is the speed adjustment screw. If you turn the screw to the right the door will close slower, if you turn the screw to the left it will close faster.

Q. Why does my hinged security door sometimes not fully close?

A. This could be due to a few reasons. Check that the round washer located at the end of the pneumatic door closer is located closer to the bracket. Also, check that the sill seal at the bottom of the door has not come out and is preventing the door from fully closing. If the door has been recently bumped, slammed, or opened too far, it may require a technician to adjust it again so that it operates at its optimum best. Call our office to arrange a service call.

Q. Is it possible to remove a security screen so that the glass window can be cleaned?

A. Security screens are installed to provide security and are not designed to be removed once installed. Firstly try washing the glass with water from a hose from the outside through the security screen. Do not use high-pressure water attachments as they may damage the powder coated mesh. Sliding glass windows can sometimes be removed by lifting them from the inside but take care not to break the glass. If removing the security screen is absolutely necessary, for example if the glass is cracked or broken, call our office to arrange a service call so that a technician can remove the security screens for you.

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