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FLY DOORS with Fibreglass Flywire

Keep Flys and Mosquitoes Out with a Fly Door

Fly doors are essential for when that time of year comes and the flys or mosquitoes are around to bug us. It's good to know that you can rely on Bonds Security Products to help keep those unwanted pests out of your home or office.

In Australia, almost everything is supersized. Unfortunately, insects are included on that supersized list and you must surely know how big the blow flies in Perth can grow. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your fly doors are always intact. Small rips in the flywire can easily let those unwanted critters inside.

What Type of Fly Door?

Fly doors from Bonds Security Products are available with either Fibreglass Flywire or Stainless Steel Flywire. Most situations only require the normal Fibreglass Flywire option, however if you have a pet that likes to scratch at the flywire, you might like to consider our Stainless Steel Flywire option.

Fly Doors Made in Perth

Our local purpose built manufacturing facility in Malaga allows us to provide custom solutions with complete control over process and quality and an extensive range of options to meet the needs of the changing market. 

All our fly doors are proudly designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia exclusively by Bonds Security Products.


Available with Fibreglass Flywire or Stainless Steel Flywire

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