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The  GRIDLOC hinged security door  range is custom built to your requirements. Every attention to detail is made so that your door fits correctly and provides you peace of mind for many years to come.

GRIDLOC hinged security doors are available as a single or double door (french door) configuration. All doors include three security hinges as standard. These hinges are specifically designed for security doors. The locking mechanisim used is called a "triple lock" system. This means that when you lock the door, either with the internal snib or using the key, the door locks at the bottom, centre and top providing maximum security. All GRIDLOC hinged security doors also include a pneumatic door closer with speed adjustment and hold open facility.

We at Bonds Security Products feel that your new security door should not only be strong but should also look great too. All GRIDLOC hinged security doors are installed with colour matched fittings as standard, unlike most security door suppliers in Perth that provide only black fittings. That's why we colour match your door handles, hinges and closer to make your door stand out from the rest. 

The optional Caretaker feature is also available on GRIDLOC hinged security doors. It allows you to snib-lock the security door from the outside without needing to use the key. This is a good idea if there are family members still inside the house when you leave. In an emergency, they will not need to look for a key to open the security door from the inside. The Caretaker key can only lock the security door, it cannot unlock the door.

Keep Burglars as well as Flys and Mosquitoes Out with a GRIDLOC Hinged Security Door

GRIDLOC hinged security doors  are designed to not only keep the flys or mosquitoes out, but also the burglars as well. They also allow a nice sea breeze through the house, saving you $$$ in energy costs. It's good to know that you can rely on Bonds Security Products to help keep your family safe.

Hinged Security Doors Made in Perth

Our local purpose built manufacturing facility in Malaga allows us to provide custom solutions with complete control over process and quality and an extensive range of options to meet the needs of the changing market.

GRIDLOC Security Grille Patented 'Rivetless' System

The GRIDLOC Security System represents the first major improvement to home security grille screens within Australia. Manufacture involves a custom built hydraulic press forming a series of grips into the perimeter edge of the grille on all sides. The grille then locks within its framework preventing withdrawal.

The 7mm grille is secured to its frame at every point of contact which provides a superior strength of manufacture in comparison to other riveted grille products. GRIDLOC hinged security doors are available with fibreglass flywire as standard or you can upgrade to stainless steel flywire.

The GRIDLOC 'Rivetless' System can be used with any approved security grille design and can be manufactured for all custom made applications.

All our hinged security doors are proudly designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia exclusively by Bonds Security Products.

What Do GRIDLOC Hinged Security Doors Offer That Simple Fly Doors Do Not?

Australian Standards forbid manufacturers and suppliers from labelling their products as security products unless they adhere to strict testing protocols. Therefore, hinged security doors must be rigorously tested and proven to withstand common break-in scenarios. These requirements are outlined in Australian Standards 5039 (manufacturing/features), 5040 (installation) and 5041 (testing methods). Such screens have undergone:

  • Impact testing where a simulated intruder attempts at bashing the door
  • Leverage testing attempts to open the door from its mountings
  • Cutting and shearing tests on the door-mesh 

    GRIDLOC hinged security doors  have been independently tested and PASSED all Australian Standards as required to be classified as a security door. You can be assured when purchasing a hinged security door from Bonds Security Products that you are receiving a product that has been tried and tested for many years. All our GRIDLOC security doors are installed by a Licensed Security Installer who has also been police cleared.


    Security Doors

    Not Your Average Grille

    GRIDLOC 'Rivetless' System
    GRIDLOC Aluminium Grille Security Screens
    GRIDLOC 10 Year Warranty
    GRIDLOC Hinged Security Door Types

    Compare The Difference
    The GRIDLOC 'RIVETLESS' System Is Much Stronger And Safer
    Than Normal Diamond Grille Doors Held Together With A Few Rivets.

    GRIDLOC Aluminium Grille Security Screen
    Competitors Grille Attached To Frame Only With Aluminium Rivets

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