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Our PROMESH Decorative security doors make you feel like you have the security of a fortress without compromising the warmth and comfort of your home.

Many homes include a decorative timber door as a feature of the front of the house. In the past it has been difficult to offer a decorative cast panel door that is also a true security door due to the open nature of cast aluminum panels.

Decorative cast panel doors are available as a Barrier or PROMESH style.

Barrier Style Decorative Doors

As standard your new decorative door will include fibreglass flywire to keep those unwanted flys and mosquitoes out. If you have a pet that likes to rip holes in the flywire, you may want to consider upgrading the fibreglass flywire to a more pet-proof stainless steel flywire. We can also offer a 'privacy' option to your decorative door, making it much more difficult to see through the door from the outside, but still allowing visibility from inside and air flow.

PROMESH Style Decorative Doors

Add the strength of PROMESH to your decorative cast panel door. High tensile 0.9mm woven stainless steel mesh is added onto the interior of the door providing optimum security and peace or mind, along with a Triple locking system as standard.

All of our PROMESH Decorative doors are constructed using our unique patented Hook System. Manufacture involves a 60 tonne hydraulic press forming a fold back portion along all sides of the mesh. The mesh grips within the recess of its frame, is locked under tension and cannot be removed.

Decorative cast panel doors are powder coated in any colour of your choice at no extra cost. On PROMESH Decorative style doors the 0.9mm 304 grade high tensile stainless steel woven mesh is coated using anti-fade high quality black powder coating which provides better reflectivity and does not spoil your view.

Choose From 21 Beautiful Styles

SP6     SP10    SP13AB     SP13BB     SP14AB     SP17     SP21

SP27AB     SP29AB     SP30     SP34AB     SP37    SP44AB    SP50AB

SP51AB    SP52    SP53    SP55    SP56    SP57AB    CG12


DECORATIVE Cast Panels - available styles

21 Beautiful Styles To Choose From

SP13AB Decorative Door


SP13AB Minimum Width 780mm      Maximum Width 914mm

Minimum Height 1965mm

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