Escape Screens


If You Need To Get Out In A Hurry

Escape screens  are designed to keep the burglars as well as flys and mosquitoes out but allow you another quick exit option if you need to get out in a hurry. They can be locked with a snib or key. It's good to know that you can rely on Bonds Security Products to help keep your family safe.

It is important to have a house exit plan for your family in case of an emergency such as a house fire. Installing a smoke alarm is essential. Make sure you have one or more installed first. The more time you have to get out is crucial. However, what if the smoke alarm fails or it is not possible to get passed a burning fire, or you are in a room that does not have an exit door nearby? Breaking a glass window may perhaps be the first obvious choice. Bonds Security Products now offer escape screens as another option in home security products.

Escape Screens Made in Perth

Our local purpose built manufacturing facility in Malaga allows us to provide custom solutions with complete control over process and quality and an extensive range of options to meet the needs of the changing market. 

All our escape screens are proudly designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia exclusively by Bonds Security Products.

Security Without Spoiling Your View

We at Bonds Security Products feel that your new PROMESH escape screen should not only be strong but should also look great too. The woven stainless steel mesh is 0.9mm thick, which is stronger than many other brands currently available on the market. Visibility through the mesh from the inside looking outside is superb. Compare the differences and you will see that PROMESH escape screens not only look great but are great value too.

All fixings including stainless steel rivets or tamper proof screws are painted the same colour as your screen frame. This adds to the overall style and professional look of the finished screen.

Choose From PROMESH or GRIDLOC Style

Our escape screens are available in either PROMESH or GRIDLOC style.


For Your Family's Safety

Lounge Room After House Fire

A fire can engulf an entire
room within four minutes

PROMESH & GRIDLOC Escape Screen Window Types

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